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UrbanDecay (CD) by Kay-Noire UrbanDecay (CD) by Kay-Noire
Never really tried Street Photography, so please consider that in your criticism (that I would love to hear ;) )

This was in San Francisco. The sun was setting and I thought it was awesome how the sunlight flooded right into the streets (turning them, for a short way into streets of gold), past the high probably just think it's overexposed hahahaha.

Oh, San Fran, you treated me so badly at first. But I think we worked it out at the end...but then the SFO put a breach into it again, when it separated me and Collin (theEnglishmanwiththemostadorableBritishaccenteverrrr :giggle:)
Anyways, I had a love-hate relationship with SF...I know, I'm weird, I shouldn't have 'relationships' with cities ^^;. SF is interesting in sooo many ways (and the Academy of Art rocks! :eager:) but when SF turns ugly, man, I wanted to get outta there - fast XD

Oddly enough, from all the amazing people I've met there, I'll miss the homeless man Mack McLaurin the most (funnily enough he was born and raised in NYC...I say 'funnily enough' because in NYC and in SF there's this joke going around that NYC got 'rid' of all its homeless people by giving them one-way tickets to San Francisco :giggle:...but on a serious note: California takes 'better care' of their homeless and of course the winters aren't so brutal as in NY, so the likelihood of them freezing to death in Winter is not as high in Cali). Anyways, you can find Mack on O'Farrell Street (at the corner of Mason? Or Powell? Well, where the cable car line goes through), he 'sells' the Street Sheet. I'm saying 'sells', because it's free, but a donation of 1 USD would be nice. The Street Sheet is published by the coalition on homelessness since 1989 and writes about the fates of homeless people and also tells you how you can help them. Having homeless people like Mack 'sell' them on streets, they at least have a bit of a job. Mack is a good example of a genuine, nice man, who isn't drug-addicted or criminal, but still landed on the streets. He really likes to emphasize that the homeless aren't all crack addicts and thieves and he's right.
He's also very helpful. When I felt lost as to where to go - Mack helped. =)

This picture reminded me of Mack (and is definitely dedicated to him), out of lots of emotional reasons, that others probably won't understand or aren't interested in ;):

Sooo anyways, if you're in SF, say Hi to Mack from me and give him a hug (he was sooo sweet on my last day, because he didn't want to ask for a hug, but of course I'll hug him, lol)



Equipment: Olympus E-510; 70-300mm zuiko lens


Other photos of the series:


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ZEBES Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist
You are an incredibly sweet person!

I love the pic, and if it has cable cars, I would say it's powell :)
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Professional Photographer
Aww, thanks honey.
I missss you! :huggle: When are you back home?

You're probably right, I think I got confused because there are two Powell-lines, right? One cable car line goes along California street, but Powell has two I think, Powell-Hyde and Powell-somewhere else...
But I'm glad you like the pic! :huggle: It's not getting much love :cry:
ZEBES Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Maaaaybe i'm right. And you deserve much more love than that, so no thanking! ;)

I'll board my last flight within some minutes and I'll be at home in like 12 hours from now <3
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Professional Photographer
Well, then you have to give me more love to compensate for all the love I am not getting ;)

Are you still jet-lagged? :turbopoke: GIVE ME A SIGN THAT YOU'RE ALIVE! :fear:
ZEBES Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist
Gladly I will! Tell me when and where :v

And not really, aaaalmost no jetlag now :)
I'm alive, I spent almost a whole day in Atlanta during my US stop, then got home, and now I'm tired at work xD
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September 28, 2012
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