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August 27, 2012


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.U-S-A and features, features, features!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 5:08 AM

Hey love kittens-
How are you?
Thanks for your kind and supporting words/messages/notes etc. My streak of bad luck is not ending. Adding to my last journal entry my cat has also died, I was in a car crash (no people were hurt!), an idiot stole my purse, so I had to have all my credit cards etc barred and had to get a new ID, new health insurance etc...annoying. Other tedious things are also going on like various health problems, but I will be looking fowards, becaaaauuuse---
---this world traveller right here will be away from the beginning of September, cruising her way through USA's west coast trying to find a new home, where the sun shines brightly and the winters are mild and there's a hot surfing scene :la: (...I'll also try to make a detour to Sin City, since my guys will be partying it up there. But no nude Prince Harry-photos, guys, nuh-uh! ;) If you can't handle Vegas, don't go there =P)
I will be back on Sunday, September 23rd and although I know we'll be packing our laptops I think I will be very busy, so don't expect any replies until I'm back.
And since I still have a lot to prepare and don't know how much time I'll have for DA until my plane takes off, I thought I'd officially say good-bye now already (even though I'm still here for a few days) with a really freakin' long feature! :la:
Enjoy, kittens! :heart::peace::tighthug:

.current love
tanikel is a 'Combat Documentation and Production Specialist' and while I don't believe in war, I still respect our troops and have friends that are serving. And let's all grow sappy for a bit and be happy for Kristina and her man, because their love endured
although -and I'll quote her- 'most of our relationship was spent an ocean apart with me in the warzone.' :heart:
Take a Knee by tanikel Plant by tanikel Breaking Barriers by tanikel
Scuffle by tanikel Crippled by tanikel Prayer by tanikel


#14 .weekly seven-groups journal feature
Time for some new, awesome stuff from my groups! :eager:
Tender tone by wihad Below the City by Jelle-LightArt Dawn mist by AngiWallace

Nymphalidae by Kizuna-chan One Great Kiss by Kay-Elle Symmetrical Sentries by MorkelErasmus

Ukrainian Beauty 5 by SofiaShevchenko Dream by AlexGontar
Sweet Drops by LuizaLazar Talk in Grey - 1594 by DianaES

Midsummer Night by blankletter Waffles Incaffeinated 13 by youstolemysoul2 :thumb318915774:

:thumb322589453: happier than yesterday, less happy than tomorrow by panna-poziomka Lines by RobinHedberg

Eve by MariannaInsomnia no title by Eveew Soulfire by Bulldoggenliebchen

Surrendered to You by NNarcissus Forlorn Passenger by AlexCozaciuc :thumb322959532:


.some wonderful personalities
Here are some wonderful friends and watchers of mine. They're unique in their own way and really great people. I always enjoy hearing from them.

ProfelisAurata and I have two problems: we're very busy and we're very sick people XD So that's why, although we just live a few streets away we sometimes go weeks without seeing each other, because somebody is drowning in work or down with some sickness! But I love ya, dear, you know that! :heart:
Skeletor - Snake Mountain by ProfelisAurata hovering by ProfelisAurata Avatar - Neytiri and Ikran by ProfelisAurata

ZEBES is my Chilean Karate Kid man, undefeated gaming champion, part-time patient of this sloppy nurse XD and also my future sensei of a very intricate, hidden art that he has yet to learn himself :giggle:
Crossing the Skies by ZEBES To Far Away Times by ZEBES Samus explores Crateria by ZEBES

BlueColoursOfNature tends to blow up my Twitter timeline :giggle: which I am absolutely fine with, because she's awesome and she's a Polish beauty! ;) Young and talented, check her out. Oh, and she has problems gaining weight, so if you have any helpful hints regarding that, send them her way ;)
Orbeez by BlueColoursOfNature Bubbles in black by BlueColoursOfNature  :Like a fairy tale: by BlueColoursOfNature

MaginaRevolution is my fellow How-I-Met-Your-Mother-fan lol and a wonderful, fun and reliable person all around :heart:
All the leaves are... by MaginaRevolution Sleeveface by MaginaRevolution falling away with you by MaginaRevolution

HighLonesomeDesign is my fellow insomniac and is sometimes a little Lazy Pants when it comes to replying on DA, but so am I :giggle: We do read our comments, though, even if we don't reply. He needs a loving kick in the ass, so he'll upload some of his new stuff :turbopoke: If I get settled in @ California,  before he packs his bags and moves away, I'll try to get my ass down to the Lone Star State and do that ;)
Shy by HighLonesomeDesign TEA TIME. by HighLonesomeDesign Kali Yuga Blues by HighLonesomeDesign

Viskamiro used to draw a comic with an interesting mix of rednecks and Lederhosen :giggle: Dr. Cowboy all the way! :eager: One of the first people I met on DA when I really got started (after having the acount for years ^^; ) and it never got boring ;)
orange cat by Viskamiro austria by Viskamiro schneekatze by Viskamiro  

DismayedSense left DA a while ago, but now has returned with a spankin' new username with a clever word play! :la: Missed him! :tighthug: And we both continuously talk about returning to Hawaii. He's a really quirky person and I personally find him very huggable ;)
Sunset by DismayedSense Periwinkle by DismayedSense Linear by DismayedSense

Einsilbig has just toured our good, ol' Republic and I'm glad to see he's back home and hasn't been kidnapped along the way ;) I think he has a very creative eye and approach to things other people tend to overlook.
Citrus Vein by Einsilbig Contact by Einsilbig le bleu by Einsilbig

coffeenoir is a very attentive and kind person! :heart: And I could never dislike a fellow coffee-and-sandwich-connaisseur ;)
Laughing Buddah by coffeenoir Lazin' On a Sunday Afternoon by coffeenoir Rain on Broadway by coffeenoir

It's fun to rant to Gilly71 about various DA peeves ;), but aside of patiently listening Dave also loves to race and I just saw that he has been overtaken and is currently on second place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll win the championship! :peace:
Fields of Gold by Gilly71 Splat! by Gilly71 Passages II by Gilly71

prettyflour loves to write. She really loves to write, in fact we should invent a new word to properly describe how much she loves to write. =) But she's also a hobbyist photographer and a sweet and understanding person
Bokeh Take 5 by prettyflour She's a lady by prettyflour Pretty petals by prettyflour

xArtl3ssx loves to smudge...he does, he does ;) But he does it so well and it's not all he does and of course he is such a nice guy, so you graphic-lovers should check out his gallery.
Living... by xArtl3ssx Dissolve by xArtl3ssx S.C.R.E.A.M by xArtl3ssx

W-a-r-l-o-c-k takes rich macros and...wait, wait, wait...did you move from Switzerland to Germany during my absence? :la: Welcome to the other side of the border ;)...and he's a really kind person, too.
:thumb313331049: :thumb321557913: :thumb322361451:

AureusOcularis is very new to deviantART and to my DA-universe, but she seems to be a sweetheart and everyone who loves and respects nature and animals as much deserves some lovin'! ;)
:thumb323494483: :thumb318533701: :thumb318900080:


.landesgartenschau Nagold 2012
I visited the LGS in Nagold and here are a few photos I took that day (more to come when I have more time)
SleepyMorning (LGS 2012) by Kay-Noire TowardsTheSun (LGS 2012) by Kay-Noire
...but then, I was part of his dream, too. (LGS) by Kay-Noire He was part of my dream, of course... (LGS 2012) by Kay-Noire
RedSea,GreenHorizon (LGS 2012) by Kay-Noire

And this is it for now! See you in roughly a month, enjoy the rest of your summer!
Peace, baby! :peace:

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'This is War'
  • Eating: A peach
  • Drinking: Vittel
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HighLonesomeDesign Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GOD I THOUGHT I COMMENTED HERE. I love you Kay! INSOMNIA 4EVRRRRRR. (actually...hopefully not forever..)
And asldkflaksdj, you're more than welcome in Texas! I'll try not to hide. ;D We can go bullridingggg. And no I didn't mean that in a pervy way lmao.

Anyways, thanks for...well, everything! you're an amazing person. c:
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012   Photographer
WELL YOU DIDN'T AND IT REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS! Lol. always bring out the caps lock-writing in me XD

LMAO. How about insomnia buddies foreverrrrr, lol. That way, we can hope we won't have it forever, but you'll always be my insomnia buddy =D

OMG hahahaha...I swear I did not even read bull-riding in a perverted way until you mentioned it being a possible double entendre...which is weird, because my head is usually down in the gutter XD

You're welcome. You're awesome yourself and thanks for not allowing me to be kidnapped XD
HighLonesomeDesign Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, I think I must've been really cranked on coffee and lack of sleep when I sent that, reads like I was fangirling XD And yes, you bring out the caps lock in me, too. *u*

Haha, that sounds good. c:

Lolol, I was trying to think of stereotypical Texas stuff, and of course rodeos popped into my head. I think being a rodeo clown is safer tho. But then, bullriders probably get laid a lot more. Can you imagine hitting on a girl, she asks what you do, and you have to say "OH I DRESS LIKE A CLOWN AND RUN AROUND IN THE DIRT TO DISTRACT BULLS." :I Yes, these are the things I think about when I'm bored. ._. And boobs. c:

Of courseee, you're very welcome. Thank YOU for not picking a psycho to hang out with. XDD A world without Kay is a useless, boring world. <3
ZEBES Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist
Why didn't I see I got an undeserved feature here before?!?!? I'm such an awful person ;___;

I'm sorry, I owe you an endless supply of hugs and love u.u
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012   Photographer

I miss you and I'm so very jealous that you're in Japan. You have to tell me all about it when you get back!


...and I would like that endless supply of hugs and love now, because I'm sick and need you =(
ZEBES Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist
I will tell/show everything to you!

And i still have That supply, it's just bigger now :D
coffeenoir Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for including me here in this wonderful feature! :boogie:
Best of luck to you my friend on finding what your looking for, as well as just the marvelous time you should have! Keep in touch when you can.:heart:
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012   Photographer
You're welcome, dear friend.
I will try to pop in here and there while we're on the road! But if we don't speak until in a few weeks, I'm wishing you a fabulous September! :rose:
BlueColoursOfNature Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the the feature hun;p haha I hope i don't spam your twitter?:P and yes i am struggling with my weight ;/ which is awful thing
Kay-Noire Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012   Photographer
You're welcome!
Oh no, lol. Don't worry. I like it that you tweet so much! I wish others would also tweet more ;) Livens up my timeline :heart:
But I'm sorry to hear you still have weight problems. I don't have any hints, my boyfriend is the same way. He eats and eats and eats, but always stays skinny. =(
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